The Ahsan Group Trust as formed by Mr. Mohd Iqbal Shamsi in memory of his beloved father Late Shri Haji Mohd Ahsan. Dream of late Haji Ahsan Sahib  became true on 25th day of October 2002 when foundation stone of Ahsan Group Trust was laid.

The trust has constructed about 600 Two room flats with 24 hours water supply by an separate 200 Kilo-Liter overhead  Water Tank at Pallupura Delhi Road Moradabad for poor & needy peoples and established  a Charitable Eye & General Hospital in 2006 with world class Optometry Equipments. Hospitals also conducted free eye camps in remote as well  as rural areas and also distributes spectacles free of cost to patient operated. Trust also arrange free camps of super specialist Indian as well as foreign doctors at its Hospital which is successfully running and helping poor by the Grace of “All mighty”. This trust is also running a Para Land Public School educating poor children’s in an area where no other education facilities are available.

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Diploma in Optometry
Diploma in O.T. Technician
Diploma in Physiotherapy

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Scan10001.JPG Haji Mohd. Ahsan
Founder of “AHSAN GROUP OF COMPANIES” Haji Mohd. Ahsan belonging to a very respectable Indian family was born at Moradabad in 1924. At the age of 13 years, Parents expired leaving lot of responsibilities on him like 7 sisters and one brother. With an amount of Rs. 39/- only he started hard work and by the grace of “Almighty” God success with flying colors.

Finally Companies in the field of Export of world fame metal handicrafts came in existence. Due to continuous un-ceasing efforts several top awards including president awards in metal handicrafts exports were given. Kind hearted , studious and pious man by nature he helped everybody  without coast and creed.

His Thoughts
Watch your thoughts they become words!
Watch your words they become action!
Watch your action they become character!
Watch your character they become your personality!

His Aim 
Financial and moral services to mankind can be easily obtained by establishing a Charitable Eye and General Hospital.
 His Vision

To establish facilities like general health care education related to Medical, Dental, Nursing and Paramedical. To keep society in tact all should be at door step for everyone.

















Mohd. Iqbal Shamsi is the top managing authority of Ahsan Group Trust. He is the jewel in the crown of India Handicraft Export Industry of Moradabad. Awarded with Life Time Achievement Award for his outstanding performance in Export Industry by Export Promotion Council for Handicraft. He is active president of Moradabad Handicraft Exporters Association.

His company M/S. Paramount Trading Corporation won several national awards and recognized by the Govt. of India first trading house in Handicraft sector of Moradabad.




























Para medical Services are the back bone of any Hospital or medical care center. Without Para-medical staff no one can give patient care. From first step of the patient in the Hospital till his discharge from the Hospital on every step paramedical service are provided by the concerned paramedical staff to the patient. Para- medical Staff in a hospital  is of the following nature.

  1. Nursing staff
  2. Laboratory Technician
  3. O.T. Technician
  4. Hospital Sanitation
  5. Physiotherapist
  6. X-Ray Technician etc
  7. Optometrist


Considering the necessity of Pra-medical staff in hospital, Government of U.P. has invited private organizations of the state to come towards for the establishment of Private Para-Medical Institutes through U.P. Medical Faculty Lucknow.


I am really pleased to know that Mr. Iqbal Shamsi has established an EYE HOSPITAL in Moradabad and appreciate his desire to work on the path of selfless services shown by my Gurudev Paramhans Sant Hirdaram Sahib. It makes me happier that his hospital would also offer free of cost eye care to poor patient.


I pray to the  almighty that his inclination to serve the suffering humanity increase with every passing day.



Scan10006.JPGLate Haji AHSAN SAHAB was one of the great personalities of Moradabad City. Who has great vision for Social work with kindness to poor and needy people. Now his elder son Mr. Mohd. Iqbal Shamsi has made his wishes come true by AHSAN EYE & GENERAL HOSPITAL to give care to the people and also have started Paramedical College to give the educational heights to the people of Moradabad, J.P. Nagar and nearly Districts. As he was achieved great heights in his other projects with full enthusiasm and efforts. I wish he does his project with full dedication & efforts & help the society.
With Best Wishes



I am very happy to learn that Mr. Mohd. Iqbal Shamsi and his team of Ahsan Group Trust in addition of the Eye Hospital to expanded to General Hospital. It is also delighting to Comprehend to established several paramedical courses in the services of mankind.

The consolation in philanthropic action stands for nobility and happiness. I wish him and his team all success in their endeavour.



I, remember the words of Mr. Mohd. Iqbal Shamsi (Managing Trustee) of Ahsan Eye & General Hospital, Chowdherpur, at the time of the opening ceremony of the hospital that you will expand your eye hospital  to General hospital shortly and no patient will be sent back without treatment, which is greatest service to mankind.
Now, I am happy to know that you have made your dream hospital beside eye hospital to Genearl Hospital, especially for poor patients. I am learn that you are going to start various job oriented Para Medical Courses in your hospital. It is a wonderful decision you have taken. “I wish you all success for this project.”


I am delighted to know about the introduction of Para Medical Courses at the Ahsan Eye and General Hospital, Chowdharpur. This is a welcome step. I am sure that these courses will help to provide education and consequent career opportunities and also help in augmenting Medical aid and facilities you and your teach have our best wishes in this endeavour. I pray to” Allah” to grant success to this venture in fulfilling righteous objective.




Scan10006.JPGMy heartiest congratulations and best wishes to Mr.Mohd Iqbal Shamsi for his selfless services to the society. I was glad to learn about the project of ‘Ahsan Eye Hospital and Research Centre’ wherein Mr. Shamsi and his associates besides doing a lot of philanthropic activity also focus on education, research and training of the upcoming doctors which is the need of the hour.
I wish him and his team all success in their endeavours.




Scan10006.JPGAny endeavor to promote education and training should be most welcome. I was glad to learn about the kindred project taken up by Mr. Mohd. Iqbal Shamsi of Iqbal Paramount Metal Industries, Moradabad. I understand that close on the heels of the Eye Hospital and Research Center he and his associates have decided to establish training arrangement for several Para medical courses. I wish them success in this project. The only point that needs to be emphasized is overriding stress on quality and standards. Mr. Shamsi has been advised accordingly.




Scan10006.JPGThe source behind establishment Ahsan Eye and General Hospital Mr. Iqbal Sahmsi is not only my friend but also one of my associates in Sewa Karyas. Once when I was discussing about Sewa sadan Eye Hospital and its activities, he expressed his desire to sponsor one free Eye Camp. That was just the beginning. The divine congregation that he   was a part of at KUTHYA in Sant Hirdaram Nagar inspired him to set up an eye hospital like Sewa Sadan in Moradabad. He has so much reverence for Santji that he wishes to dedicate the hospital in Sanji’s name. He has engaged himself in manifesting Santji’s service philosophy into reality, which is commendable.